Easily Define, Provision, Monitor & Destroy environments

What is zLifecycle?

zLifecycle is a progressive delivery platform for managing Environments across various cloud providers and on-premises. It enables organizations to Define, Provision, Detect Drift + Reconcile, and Teardown environments. It also provides dashboard and reports for data-driven decision making.

How does zLifecycle fit in?

Decentralized App Teams

Individual Application teams create and maintain their own environments

Central Platform Team

The Platform team manages environments for application teams

Self servicing App Teams

The Central Platform team creates approved templates/tf modules and individual teams reference, create and maintain their own environments in a self-service manner. The ownership is shared

We solve the below problem

  • Engineers spend too much time bootstrapping & managing environments 
  • There is no easy way to share knowledge about environments
  • Finding actionable data around cost and usage patterns is painful

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