Enabling DevOps culture with a Platform Engineering Team – DevOpsDays Edinburgh

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July 16, 2021

Description: DevOps is about creating a culture of shared responsibility in delivery teams. It is recommended to embed operations skills into delivery teams to reduce friction and enable them to deliver products to customers faster but whenever there is a need for significant investment in tooling and automation and teams lack the skills to self-manage a full application and operations stack, having a separate Platform engineering team can help. Organizations that consider establishing such a platform engineering team should be very cautious not to accidentally create a separate DevOps team.

In this presentation, we will talk about when and why Platform engineering team can be helpful. The team’s chief responsibility is to operate a platform that enables delivery teams to self-service deploy and operate systems with reduced lead time and complexity. The emphasis here is on self-service infrastructure and supporting tools, with delivery teams still responsible for supporting what they deploy onto the platform. He will also talk about challenges and lessons learned leading and being part of such teams. He will explain “The Three Ways: The Principles Underpinning DevOps” as mentioned in “DevOps Handbook”

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